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About Us

Who are we ?

* The basic aim of this program is to educate former mastectomees, now physically and emotionally healthy, to relate (in a unique and positive way) to new patients with breast cancer in order to raise their morale. Some of our members are trained in Breast Cancer Volunteers Training Program (R2R).
KOSHISH, a breast cancer support group, composed of volunteers drawn from breast cancer survivors, social workers and health professionals, is dedicated to serve women who are suffering from breast cancer. The society was formed with 15 volunteers under Presidentship of Late Dr. (Mrs.) Kanti Raizadey in 1997.

Mission :

To create awareness in public about breast cancer and to provide counselling in order to generate self-confidence in breast cancer patients.

Vision :

Restoration of good quality of life of mastectomees.
Total number of members: 149

Why are we - Because :

In a nutshell the primary aim of KOSHISH is to help the psycho-social rehabilitation of the breast cancer victims.

We all are prone to disease but early detection is the right key!!