Prosthesis / Breast Form

After breast surgery a lightweight post-operative breast from, often called a 'Cumfie', is given to wear for the first two weeks. A permanent breast form, or breast prosthesis is provided as soon as the surgeon considers that the patient is ready to wear one.

Medical reasons for wearing breast prosthesis or
Not using breast prosthesis or using a wrong size can result in:
Spinal curvature.
Cervical back pain.
Poorly fitting garments resulting from incorrect posture.
Asymmetry of the chest inviting attention to one's appearance, leading to embarrassment.
Three types of prostheses are available:
Hand stitched sponge prosthesis or 'Cumfie". *
Latex breast pad. **
External silicon breast prosthesis.

*   - Such prostheses are given free of cost to the patients by our
       association - KOSHISH.
** - Available at 'Stan Cancer Rogi Seva Kendra', Radiotherapy
       DEPTT, S.M.S, Hospital, Jaipur.

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