Fallacies & Facts

Fallacy: Breast Cancer is contagious
    Fact: No, Breast Cancer is not contagious

Fallacy: Breast cancer is hereditary
    Fact: Not directly, A small number of women have a strong family history breast cancer and their daughters are then at a higher risk

Fallacy: Finding a lump in breast means it is cancerous
    Fact: In fact 8 out of 10 lumps are benign or not cancerous

Fallacy: Surgery of cancerous tumor in one breast can cause metastasis in another breast
    Fact: No, it is not true

Fallacy: Too much stress leads to breast cancer
    Fact: Presently there is no evidence to suggest that stress can increase a woman's risk of having breast cancer

Fallacy: Nylon undergarments can cause breast cancer
    Fact: No, it is a myth

Fallacy: Only females suffer from breast cancer
    Fact: Males can also have breast cancer although their percentage is very low. Only 2% of breast cancer patients are male

We all are prone to disease but early detection is the right key!!