Executive Committee

Executive Committee
Mrs. Shashi Kapoor
Formerly Asso. Prof. In Psychology
U.O.R., Jaipur
Phone: +91-141-2395019 (R)
Mobile: +91-9829133689
Mrs. Saroj Chauhan
Formerly Principal (Govt. Girls S.S. School, Jaipur)
Mobile: +91-9314682656
Vice President
Mrs. Sushma Govil
Mobile: +91-9414046883

Mrs. Manju Agarwal
Phone: +91-141-5147799 (R)
Mobile: +91-9667862086
Joint Secretary
Mrs. Kavita Kumari
Phone: +91-141-2291983 (R)
Mobile: +91-9461301646
Dr. (Mrs.) Meena Jain
Phone: +91-141-2208883 (R)
Mobile: +91-9352628341

Management Committee
Mrs. Rajni. D. Grover
Phone: +91-141-2742157 (R)
Mobile: +91-9414718247
Dr. (Mrs.) Janki Moorjani
Phone: +91-141-2351405 (R)
Mobile: +91-9460501100
Mrs. Suman Saxena
Phone: +91-141-2710269 (R)
Dr. (Mrs.) Manju Mehta
Phone: +91-141-2551216 (R)
Mobile: +91-9829604665
Kum. Shobhita Jain
Mobile: +91-9829654004 / 9928064999

Mrs. Anita Bastee
Phone: +91-141-2742259 (R)
Mobile: +91-9414050133
Mrs. Kriti Jain
Phone: +91-141-2654996 (R)
Mobile: +91-7597298586
Mrs. Laxmi Ashok
Phone: +91-141-2395529 (R)
Mobile: +91-9314075964
Dr. (Mrs.) Tanuja Singh
Phone: +91-141-2703053 (R)
Mobile: +91-9413346213

Dr. O. P Sharma
Head of Departmant
Radiotherapy Department
S.M.S. Hospital, Jaipur
Mobile: +91-9829057033
Dr. Hemant Malhotra
Medical Oncologist
S.M.S. Hospital, Jaipur
Phone: +91-141-2620600 / 2620400 (R)
Dr. Raj Govind Sharma
Surgical Oncologist
S.M.S. Hospital, Jaipur
Phone: +91-141-2622783 / 2620343 (R)
Dr. Shalu Gupta
Deptt. of Surgery
S.M.S. Hospital, Jaipur
Phone: +91-141-2723509
Mobile: +91-9829088906

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