Breast Self Examination

Breast Self Examination (BSE)

The best defence against breast cancer is Breast Self Examination regulary, once a month.

What is BSE?

The breast self-examination is a way that you can check your breasts for changes (such lumps) or thickening that may signal breast cancer.

Who needs BSE?

Cancer specialists recommend monthly BSE for women aged 20 years and above. It should continue throughout your life, during pregnancy and after menopause or hysterectomy.

Why should I do it?
Become familiar with how your breasts usually look and feel.
Do BSE to find any change from what is normal for you.
When breast cancer is detected in its early stages, your chances for surviving are greatly improved.

When should I perform a BSE?

BSE should be performed once a month, a week or so after menstrual period starts or two or three days after the period ends. If you no longer menstruate, pick a certain day or date of each month.

Where should I practice BSE?

It can be done in the bedroom or whilst bathing when the soapy feel makes it convenient to examine.

How is BSE Performed?


Staging Classification

We all are prone to disease but early detection is the right key!!