Breast Cancer survivors, their relations, social workers and health professionals, who are willing to serve or assist for the cause of breast cancer, are welcome.

KOSHISH - An effort to share problems, an endeavor to enlighten hope and encouragement, an exercise to help in times of need.

A Koshish To Bring A Fresh Breeze Of Life Qualitatively

We all are prone to disease but early detection is the right key!!

We hold self-examination, awareness programmes at different venues.
We hold detection camps with the help of doctors.
We outreach people for the benefit of those who are in remote areas and unable to take advantage of the medical treatment.

The primary aim of KOSHISH is to help the psycho-social rehabilitation of the breast cancer victims.

We appeal for financial assistance in providing much needed medical support to those poor women who are suffering from breast cancer.

Donations to KOSHISH, MAI-Jaipur Chapter, are eligible to income-tax exemption u/s 80 G.